Barry McCaslin, OE Black Belt,

"I worked with Jon Dailey at in Lexington Kentucky for approximately 4 years. My role was as an Area Manager then an Operations Manager.

Jon initially was my Process Assistant in Shipping. This department consisted of several process paths. During this time Jon was sent to second shift to be the shipping Area Manager. The department was extremely complex to manage due to the large area and complex operations. Jon learned the processes quickly and achieved improved results in the department within weeks after he was given the assignment.  He also quickly earned the respect of a young, less-trained, and somewhat volatile second shift crew.  This was evident by the increased output and quality realized in the department.

Jon was moved to Picking Area manager. Picking is a very hard department to manage due to the amount of people and complexity of the pick software. Jon excelled in this role. He nailed all the key metrics including safety and quality. His production rates were number one of all the picking Area Managers.

Jon is easy to work with and produces results.  He is supportive, demonstrates initiative, and possesses qualifications that actually exceed the responsibilities he has at He is ready for increased responsibilities now! I can strongly recommend him for future opportunities in the field."