Chris Deppe, Operations Manager,

"I have been Jonís peer at for one year and can highly recommend him due to his work ethic, ability to complete difficult and ambiguous assignments, and the high quality of his work.

Jon has displayed a very high level work ethic in the time that I have worked with him.  This work ethic has especially evidenced itself during the Holiday season at firmly believes in giving its customers the absolute highest level of service and Jon has exemplified this trait in his commitment.  Jon has been willing to do everything in his power to ensure that the customer is served, whether it is working additional shifts as a manager or working on the floor to process shipments.

Jon has also displayed an ability to complete difficult and ambiguous assignments at a very high level.  As an example, Jon was given a project related to inventory storage capacity that was begun by another peer and was not progressing as expected.  Jon was able to understand the previous work that had been completed, fill in gaps in the process that were causing roadblocks, and complete the project on time and within budget.  This project ensured that the facility in Lexington was able to store all required inventory for the 2006 Holiday season. 

Finally, Jon has displayed a high quality in all of this work.  Jon has a keen attention to detail that allows him to critically assess a project or problem and provide solutions that are well thought out and complete.  Jon has completed multiple projects while at that have been highly successful, including the inventory storage capacity project previously mentioned and the setup and process for the Lexington Gift wrap operation for 2006.  Jonís quality of work also extends to his people management.  Jon is a very capable coach, instilling his work ethic, attention to detail, and motivated attitude to his employees.  Jon consistently creates high performing teams that amplify his personal success.

I can highly recommend Jon based on my experiences and interactions.  Jon is a highly valued member of our team and will have success with any assignment.  Please feel free to contact me to further discuss Jonís credentials."