Family Photos

Forrest Hulker Quire (My Mom's Dad/ My Grandfather)
Born: 10/16/17
Died: 11/12/81


Forrest, Pattie, and Virginia Quire
(My Grandfather, Mom, and Granny)

My Grandparents

Virginia Katherine Quire (My Mom's Mom/My Granny)
Born: 05/24/24
Died: 05/17/05

Right Photo: 07/54

My Mom and Granny

Stacie, Granny, Me

Photo: 06/95


My Granny's House

My Granny with her sister-in-law,
Betty Brooks
(Granny holding a doll, Betty holding who I believe is David Brooks)

Sterling Phillips
(My Granny's Boyfriend Growing Up)

Granny and Sterling

Sterling when he was in his 20's

Sterling, Me, and Stacie
Photo: 12/86

Sterling and I

Sterling, Me, and Mom

My Mom
Pattie Ruth Quire Dailey
Born: 12/30/52

Just Mom

Graduation Photo: 06/71

Mom and Granny

2nd Photo: 05/58  3rd Photo: 02/55

Mom with her Dad


Jewell Mae Brooks Jenkins and I (my Granny's sister)
Born: 04/24/26
Died: 09/22/94

Photo: 06/91

Jewell with her husband, Dick Jenkins

Photo: 04/76

Dick Jenkins

Photo: 12/59

William Manse Brooks With Mom (Granny's Dad)
Born: 1886 
Died: 01/02/63

James "Buster" Brooks & Lorraine (his wife)
with R.T. Brooks (Buster and R.T. are my Granny's brothers)
"Buster" - Born: 06/04/16  Died: 01/31/74
R.T. - Born: 12/17/17

Photo: 6/30/73

R.T. Brooks

R.T. & Betty Brooks

Opal Belle Brooks True (my Granny's sister)
Born: 03/30/21
Died: 05/10/79

Photo: 05/62

Opal and Jewell

Jewell and Granny

Ronald Brooks (Granny's Brother)

Photo: 04/06/52

Stacie's Birth Photo

Photo: 4/27/86

R.T/Betty's Boys
Steve, Bruce, Glenn, David

2nd Photo: 04/58

Netty Wilson
(Granny's Aunt)

Joe Dailey and Helen Vance
(My Dad's Dad, and my Dad's Sister)

My Mom and Dad after Dad
Graduated with his Bachelor's

Pictures of Me

Stacie and I

My 1st Haircut (1yr old)

Stacie and I at Granny's on

After I had knee surgery

Granny and I (1mo old)

Photo: 4/29/82

Dad and I

At Granny's House

3rd Grade (only time I wore glasses)

Photo: 10/25/90

Me in a wig

Me in a pool

My mom and I

Photo: 10/09/83

Me in Dad's glasses

Photo: 12/11/83

My birth photo

Photo: 1982

My Kindergarten Graduation Photo
My Granny, Nana, and Stacie

Photo: About 1987

Photo my grandfather (Forrest) illegally took of the 1st Atomic Bomb
in New Mexico in the 50's.

Members of the Dailey Family

Parents: Henry Bush & Nellie Morton Bush
Oldest Daughter: Helen Morton Bush Dailey - 9yrs old
Son: Maynard Bush - 6yrs old
Youngest DaughterL Norma Faye Bush - 2yrs old
(Grandparents, Mother, Uncle, and Aunt of Joe Dailey, My Grandfather)
My Great-Great Grandparents, Great-Great Aunt/Uncle, and Great Grandmother

Abraham Lincoln?