2008 Nightshift Picking Gathering

First Gathering - "This is how we roll..."
March 1, 2008 - Collins Bowling Center, Southland Drive


"Rolling" Photos

William Case

Amber Whitaker

Jason Smith

Dante Morris

George Tisdale

Rassan Walker

Mindy Hopkins

Nick Klinedinst

Steve McMillian

Craig "Twinkle Toes" Schenk

Rob Magarian

Kat Simino

Our lanes...

Individual/Couple Photos

Craig Schenk, ladies man...

Nick Klinedinst throws back another cold one

Keith Vanderoef tells us what the world is really like (while Joe Lee's expression is even more classic...the "does this guy know what the hell he is even saying right now?" look)

Matt Lentry and Ashley Colvin say hi

Stacey Dial and Steve McMillian

Jason Copher and his girlfiend

Chris Zorzie tells us the opposite version from what Keith said...

William Case and Jason Smith - someone broke my camera...

Rob Magerian - not much more to say...

Bonnie Blanchard tells Mindy Hopkins and Brekke Wiggill about how to be a pro

James "Ditch" Carroll - you'll have to ask him yourself about his nickname

Chris Zorzie and his girlfriend, Kat Simino

To the right is Lisa Simar, and her husband Kendall (as well as Jason and Bonnie)

This would be Amazon's version of The Odd Couple - Keith and Rassan

Finally...Keith tells me I'm #1!

Random Photos